Review Policy

Accepted genres:

As a network, there are specialists (and fans!!) covering all genres and areas of YA, so we’re open to reviewing most everything — as long as it’s YA. We’re also happy to review academic texts on any area of YA literature, media, or culture.

We can’t promise we’ll review everything, but we’ll make every effort.

Where YALMC will publish reviews:

We will post book reviews on YALMC’s webpages. We’ll also tweet, Instagram, and otherwise spread the social media love through any of the platforms available to the specific reviewer. All reviews will be cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

Requesting a review:

If you would like YALMC to review your YA work, please email

Please include:

Title and Author
Synopsis, including genre
Publication Date

If there’s a specific window when you’d like your book review to appear (around publication date, for example), please include this in your message. We’ll try to accommodate such requests where possible.

Final notes: 

Simply sending your book does not guarantee a review, especially where it has not been requested. We’re human. There will be time constraints, but we will make every effort. Reviews will be honest. As much as I don’t enjoy disliking a book, it does happen. As researchers, I can promise we have a lot of experience with handling such occurrences with depth and tact! We’ll support our reasons and lay them out as clearly as possible.

ARCs will not automatically receive good reviews. Views can’t be bought or gifted.