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Dr Jodi McAlister
YA Author 
Lecturer in Writing and Literature
Deakin University
Fiction: Valentine, Ironheart, Misrule
Research Interests
: Cultural Studies; Gender Studies; Feminist Theory; YA Fantasy 

Dr Lucy Andrew
University of Chester

Research Interests: Children’s and YA fiction (crime & detective); YA fandom; LGBTQ YA; comics and graphic novels; children’s/YA film & TV; pop culture.

Jodie Baker
YA Author 
Fiction: Trust, Truth
In addition to writing, Jodi also gives Youth Empowerment Talks and teaches a Creating Kickass Heroines workshop for teens. 

Ikram Belaid
PhD Candidate
University College London (Sept 2018)

Research interests: YA, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Creative Writing, Narratology, Editing.

Dr Melanie Ramdarshan Bold
Senior Lecturer
University College London
Research Interests: YA; authorship; digital; publishing; reading; publishing; small presses and alternative publishing; copyright; diversity in YA.

Alice Broadway
YA Author 
Ink, Spark, Scar
Alice’s first YA novel, Ink, was one of the bestselling UKYA novels of 2017. It as shortlisted for a Books Are My Bag Readers Award. Spark came out in 2018, and Scar is due out early 2019.

Anne Cassidy
YA Author
No Shame, No Virgin,Moth Girls
Anne Cassidy writes YA crime fiction – and she’s written over forty novels.

Emily Corbett 
PhD Candidate
NCRCL, University of Roehampton
Research Interests:  YA literature, especially LGBTQIA+; YA life writing; children’s literature; contemporary British & North American fiction & popular culture; gender studies; trans studies & queer theory

Patrick Cox
PhD Candidate
Rutgers University

Research Interests: Cultural Constructions of Youth & Childhood; Representations of Childhood & Youth in YA Lit and Kid’s Lit; Parenting; Holidays; Digital Publishing, both as a research topic and a practice.

Dr Rachel Dean-Ruzicka
Georgia Technological University

Research interests: YA Literature; Gender and Friendship; Holocaust Literature; True Crime/Serial Killer narratives.

Dr Sean Donnelly
University of Birmingham
Research Interests: Dystopian & post-apocalyptic fiction YA & children’s fiction; contemporary British fiction; SF & fantasy, utopian studies, film studies, fan studies, feminism & gender studies.

Dr Dimitra Fimi
Lecturer in Fantasy and Children’s Literature
University of Glasgow
Research Interests: children’s & YA literature, especially fantasy; sci-fi in literature & film; Classical, Celtic & Norse myth & folklore in literary texts, film & popular culture; Adaptation of literary works for the screen; Literature & visual culture.

Dr Rebekah Fitzsimmons
Assistant Teaching Professor
Carnegie Mellon University
Research Interests: Children’s/YA literature; Bestsellers/Prize Winning Texts; Utopia/Dystopia; Canonization; Professonlization; Digital Humanities.

Dr Liz Flanagan
Teaching Fellow
Newcastle University
MG and YA Author
Fiction: Dragon Daughter, Eden Summer
Research Interests:
 YA; Creative Writing; Difference; Contemporary Realist Fiction; Fairy Tales;  Fantasy;  Feminism; Myth. (Photo credit:
Sarah Mason)

Dr Kaja Franck
Early Career Researcher
The University of Hertfordshire
Research Interests: Werewolves and Other Teen Monsters, Gothic YA.

Dr Erica Gillingham
Honorary Research Fellow, NCRL
University of Roehampton
Research Interests: LGBTQ YA; same-sex love stories; genre fiction; graphic novels and comics; popular literature and culture; 20th c. literature; lesbian pulp fiction; creative writing (poetry).

Dr Liz Gloyn
Lecturer in Classics
Royal Holloway, University of London
Research Interests: Within classics, Latin literature; the Roman family; ancient philosophy; gender studies. Within classical reception, popular culture, especially YA and film.

Jennifer Gouck
PhD Candidate
University College Dublin (Sept 2018)
Research Interests: YA Lit; American YA; Pop Culture; Representations of gender, masculinity, and femininity in YALMC; visual adaptations of YA; feminism; social media and YouTube; John Green; LGBTQ+ YA; representations of rape (culture) in C21st YA.

Simon James Green
YA Author and Screenwriter
Fiction: Noah Can’t Even, Noah Could Never, “Noah Goes Nuclear

Dr Elizabeth Hale
Senior Lecturer in English
University of New England, Australia
Research Interests: Children’s and YA literature (1800 to present); classical studies; character formation; creative writing; the intersection of words and images.

Sarah Hardstaff
PhD Candidate
University of Cambridge
Research Interests: YA and middle grade; economic criticism; functional linguistics; narratology; childhood; temporality; race and class.

Claire Hennessy
YA Author
Claire Hennessy is a writer, editor, book reviewer, and creative writing teacher based in Dublin, Ireland. She has written several books for teenagers, and regularly delivers author visits and writing workshops for schools, libraries and festivals.
Like Other Girls, Nothing Tastes as Good 

Dr Bill Hughes
Co-Organiser OGOM Project
Research Interests: YA, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Gothic, Fairy Tales, Vampires, Werewolves, Identity, Agency.

Professor Caroline Hunt
Professor Emerita
College of Charleston

Dr Andrew McInnes
Senior Lecturer in English Literature
Edge Hill University
Research Interests: Romanticism, especially Women’s Writing; The Gothic and Geography; The Eighteenth-Century Novel; YA; Children’s Literature; Reader-Response; Reception Theory.

Savita Kalhan
YA Author
The Girl in the Broken Mirror, The Long Weekend, Stories from the Edge: An Anthology

Sang Kromah
YA Author


Dr Patricia Kennon
Lecturer in Children’s and YA Literature
Maynooth University
Research Interests: Gender and LGBTQIA issues in YA fiction, YA horror, YA science fiction and dystopian literature, YA historical fiction and films, and intercultural and diversity issues in YA literature.

Meriem Rayen Lamara
YALMC North African Officer
PhD Candidate
University of Northampton

Research Interests: YA; Gothic Studies; Folklore; Fairy-tales; Mythology; Urban Fantasy; Gender; paranormal romance.

Emily Lauer
Associate Professor of English
Suffolk County Community College
Research Interests: Children’s and YA lit and culture; speculative fictions; pedagogy; comics and other graphic narratives; fan studies; intersectionality.

Dr Angel Daniel Matos
Assistant Professor of Children’s & YA Literature
San Diego State University
YALMC North American Officer
Research Interests: YA; Affect; Queer Studies; Gender; Sexuality; Narratology; Space; Speculative Fiction; Fan Production.

Catherine Olver
PhD Candidate
University of Cambridge
Research Interests: YA; Fantasy; Embodiment (esp the senses); Ecocriticism (esp the agency of nature, ecofeminism, & intergenerational environmental justice); Cognitive Poetics; Space and Place (including maps and secondary worlds).

Dr Leah Phillips
Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Warwick
YALMC Founder and Chair
Research Interests: YA; Speculative Fiction; Fantasy; Secondary Worlds; Maps; Adolescence; Embodiment; Visuality; Liminality; Feminism; Social Media; Popular Culture; Myth; Fairy Tales.

Dr Kendra Reynolds
Early Career Researcher
University of Ulster
Kendra is also Chairwoman of Women Aloud NI, an organisation that aims to promote the work of female writers in Northern Ireland. Kendra also writes creatively and her poetry has now started to appear in literary magazines and anthologies.
Research Interests: YA, Fairy Tales, Anti-Tales, C21st Literature, Gender Studies, Postmodernism, Space, Time, Embodiment

Anthony Stepniak
PhD Candidate
University of Northampton
European Officer (including UK)

Research Interests: Fairy tales; Fairy Tale YA and film; LGBTQIA+ YA narratives; contemporary film and TV; postmodernism; queer theory.

Dr Gwen Athene Tarbox
Professor of Children’s Literature and Comics
Western Michigan University

Research Interests: YA comics; LGBTQ+ YA fiction.

Dr S.R. Toliver
University of Georgia

Research Interests: YA Literature; Speculative fiction (specifically science fiction); multicultural literature; Afrofuturism; Dystopian lit; social justice; critical race theory; gender studies.

Dr Amy Waite
Research Fellow

University of Roehampton
Research Interests: YA; Posthumanism; Eco-criticism; New Materialism; Poetics; Publishing; Creative Practice.

Dr Alison Waller 
Senior Lecturer
University of Roehampton
Research Interests: YA literature; fantastic realism; adolescence; memory and consciousness in children’s and YA literature; rereading childhood fiction; reading and ageing; memory and forgetting

Leanne Weston
PhD Candidate
University of Warwick
Research Interests: representations of gender in popular culture; television historiography; film and television aesthetics; teen television; YA; the biopic.

Alex Wheatle
YA Author 
Liccle Bit, Crongton Knights, Straight Outta Crongton, Kerb-Stain Boys, Home Girl

Lisa Williams
YA Author
The Art of Being Normal, All About Mia, Paper Avalanche 

Dr Casey Wilson
Marion L Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow
Georgia Technological University

Research Interests: YA Lit, especially C21st, YA; The American Teenager; Digital Media; YouTube/Social Media; Popular Culture