Without our contributors, the network wouldn’t be what it is. They write content, share great ideas, and generally sing the praises of all things YA.

In our eyes, they’re superheroes. 


Ikram Belaid

Ikram is currently applying to do a PhD in the UK. She is interested in tropes, trends and patterns in YA Fantasy as well as diving into the nuts and bolts of narratives. She works as a freelance editor for fiction writers and enjoys reviewing books on Goodreads.




Alex Cojocaru
Alex is a second year BA Creative Writing student at The University of Northampton. He appreciates all forms of YA Lit, but especially that of a LGBTQIA+ nature. When he is not at University, writing assignments or updating his blog, he’s working on finishing his first book.
Twitter: @alxcojocaru





Jennifer Gouck 
Jennifer is currently applying to do a PhD at University College Dublin on the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl in YA Literature, Media, and Culture,” particularly with regard to gender, masculinity, and femininity.




Michael Lukose 
Michael is currently an undergraduate student of English at the University of Northampton. His academic interests lie largely in the exploration of the arts, particularly that of literature. He was involved in assisting at the Identities in YA international conference held in 2017.



Tré VentourTre
Tré is a BA Creative Writing student at the University of Northampton and an active performance poet as well as a member of the poetry collective “Soul Food Poetry.” Tré’s specialities are YA TV & Film. He’s also a committee member of the Rumour Quill Society, a journalist for the Nenequirer magazine & an active blogger on